About us

We are a team of Online Marketing professionals with a strategic vision and an eye for detail.
Our Core Values

Our company is transparent about corporate development. We always communicate openly and honestly with our clients. We give feedback and ask for feedback. We also share our knowledge as speakers and in our magazine.


Mutual respect is important to us: We value you and we expect you to show this appreciation to your colleagues and your clients.


We are passionate about search engine marketing and we strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We are highly specialized and excellent at what we do. We don't offer anything we can't provide to the highest level of .


Every employee takes responsibility for their own development and for their colleagues, clients and partners. We take risks and are willing and ready to face the consequences.

Who we are
Our Team

We are a small team of professionals who optimize campaigns with great attention to detail. Our goal is not to follow best practices, but to set new standards. We do this by sharing our knowledge as trainers, speakers and consultants.

Anika Jäkel
Team Lead SEA
Yvonne Eder
Project Manager People
Vladimira Vlčko
Team Lead SEA
Nicole Rainer
Director Operations
Despina Fronimaki
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Paulina Haller
Marketing & Communications Managerin
Nadine Maier
Senior Online Marketing Manager
Lisa Fellinger
Senior Online Marketing Consultant
Sebastian Stryj
Director Performance Marketing
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